Conflict, whatever form it takes, is always transformational. It can take you way deeper into your soul or further into your ego and distraction. One leads you home; the other towards isolation.

From my years of personal growth work, men’s groups, multigender circles, facilitating meetings, holding space and what I’ve learnt from my own journeys into and out of business and personal relationships, I reckon I’m uniquely qualified to guide you through changes in your life, especially when they have legal sequalae.

I do this by having the legal knowledge, experience and capacity to know where you’re likely to end up, and to help you there financially, emotionally, physically and perhaps even spiritually sooner, faster and ultimately, with consciousness and awareness.

And change can be frightening even whilst its really the only constant.  So you’ll be stepping out of your comfort zone to take on new lessons, paradigms and ways of being. I’ll hold you firmly. 

How I can help you

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