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The data’s in:  when an employee on a six-figure salary package leaves a company, it takes around 18 months and one and a half times their salary to find, engage, bring on board and then have their replacement be as fully functional as their departed predecessor.  And yet the ex-employee may still breach post employment covenants such as using confidential information to access customers and setting up in competition. 

There’s always good reason for an employee to go, whether its on one side of the argument or the other.  What is often lost in a sacking (and possible unfair dismissal application or litigation following) are the real reasons for departure. 

What might an employer learn about the workplace if there were a forum for the truth to be told?  How many times must one position be serially occupied before its learnt that a supervisor is toxic?  Or behaving inappropriately?

What might an employee learn about the bigger picture of the workplace if only given that context?  Or about him or herself?  How many times does it take a person to be fired to begin to question the possibility the common factor in each of those firings….is themselves?

Collaborative approaches to employer/employee disputes are fertile ground for growth all round; the taking of personal responsibility for what is to be done and often lead to dramatic improvements in relationships all through the workplace.  And they of course lead to significant improvement in profits and work / life satisfaction.

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