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When you’ve loved someone enough to get into a domestic relationship with them, had children together perhaps; certainly journeyed together through some frightening thick and fabulous thin; you don’t stop loving them when it all turns to …well, composting material.  You stop accessing the love which lives on inside of you.

So you got together for good reasons and your separating is the same: there are good reasons which you may or may not have an inkling about.  Heading into an adversarial process where attack and defence are what’s important, prevents most people from reflecting constructively on the why and how come of it all or for that matter, being responsible for what you’ve brought into your life.  You don’t want to find yourself in that same place again do you?  And that’s to say nothing of protecting children and indeed, modelling for them respectful, cooperative conflict resolution so that they get to see parents showing their best at the end of that phase of their relationship.

What if your relationship ending is exactly what you need to live your life-purpose?

Watch a conversation with authors of Our Happy Divorce

This is a MUST WATCH for anyone contemplating or in the midst of a divorce or separation.  An interview published by the Institute of Collaborative Professionals of which I am a member.

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